Automotive Window Film Features and Benefits:

● Protects the interior of your car by blocking out 99% of ultraviolet rays. This prevents cracks in your leather and dashboard as well as keeps the interior from fading.

● Protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “nearly 53% of skin cancers in the US occur on the left, or drivers’, side of the body. The distribution pattern supports the theory that automobile drivers in the US are exposed to more UV radiation on the left, through the driver’s side window, and that UVA radiation causes more damage than formerly believed.” Summer 2010 (Vol. 27, No.2) Articles

● Drive cooler and more fuel efficient by blocking 28-66% of the solar heat that builds up in your car, helping the AC work more efficiently.

● Customize the look of your car with your preferred film darkness.

● Increases security from vandalism, theft, and break-ins. Gives you and your personal possessions privacy from prying eyes.

● Shatter resistance protects you from flying glass shards in the event of an accident or storm.

● Reduces glare from the sun during the day and headlights at night, increasing visibility and safety.

● Non-metalized film will not interfere with GPS/Navigation, cell phone signal, or your cars electronics.

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